We are Master Kane and Miss Candy.

We are cultured, worldly, refined and extremely passionate about our chosen past time. We have a decadent house in Brisbane, Australia where our chosen maids live to serve us embracing a whole new world of sensual and exotic delights.

These lucky Gurls had a pathetic existence until they were allowed into our boudoir of perverse pleasure, now they have a purpose to serve us, clean our vast latex collection and to be at our beck and call as our very own Sissy Maids.

I will tell you a little about Us… We are seasoned dominants who enjoy extreme humiliation and complete domination of our Sissy Whores. We have no boundaries and our Sissy Slaves answer only to us, their Owners.

We have decided to share our secrets with the outside world as I know many of you useless Sissy Sluts dream of fulfilling a life-long fantasy, a carnal urge to be someone’s special Sissy Maid. I know you all desire to have an absolute adulation for a Couple who is willing to accept your pathetic existence and offer them an enlightened path to transforming into a beautiful Sissy Maids.

You may read insights into our special, sexual world and I know you will fall under our spell… as Sissy Suzie has with us.

We are a very strict couple who demand ABSOLUTE perfection and obedience from all of my Sissy Maids and our slaves. You will learn quickly that 100% loyalty and subservience to your Owners is the only path which is open to you.

We use our finely honed skills in BDSM to maintain 100% loyalty, chastity and of course a very high work ethic. If one of my Sissy Maids should breach our rules, the consequences will be extreme and painful. These rules are posted under “RULES”.

Our beautiful Sissy Maids will be dressed in their maids uniforms, beautiful lingerie and sweet dresses serving us as we see fit. Your former clothes will not be available to you unless we deem it so. Get used to 24/7 sissification Slut!

In order to be a good Sissy Maid you must be a good SLUT in the bedroom and a Lady everywhere else.

No matter what chores you are performing in our house you will fully comply with us at all times and this may mean cleaning, laundry or just bending over and being fucked any way the we choose. If you are not Bi now, you most certainly will be after we get our hooks into you!

“Take it like a Sissy Slut” As you will obey all commands and thank us for bringing you closer to your dreams of full time feminization in a loving and safe environment.

Our obedient Maids / Sissies will receive occasional pleasure from their Miss Candy and Master Kane when we deem fit. A good example of a reward may be: “we may allow you to climb into my lap and fuck my strap-or… Master Kane will take you from behind while you polish my strap on with your beautiful pink mouth”, but only after you have proven what you are capable of.

So tell Us, do you think you would make a good Sissy Maid for Us? Our sluts must be very good at explicit details and must be exceptional at taking instruction from their owners.

I invite you to surrender your will and open yourself up to the pure delight of becoming a Sissy Maid of Master Kane and Miss Candy…

That’s a good gurl!


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